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Custom Shift Boots & Handbrake Boots

We are proud to offer custom printing for Shift boots, E-brake boots, Door Panels and Headliner Fabrics. Should you need a custom print, all we need is for you to provide a high quality seamless pattern design or a design in a horizontal/landscape wallpaper style image in JPG/JPEG or PNG format at 300dpi resolution.

Although we highly suggest using a "Seamless" repeating pattern design, an horizontal/landscape wallpaper image design is acceptable for shift boots and may also be acceptable for e-brake boots if the design follows the same principles for the shift boot as stated below. Use the 20"x10" shift boot grid template image below for reference when making or looking for a design to use for your custom shift boot.

You must consider any important characters or designs you want visible on the shift boot to appear within the 10"x5" green boxed area. Any design outside this green boxed area of the shift boot may not be visible once installed on a car. Because outside of this green box is considered the outer area and the bottom half of the boot.

The white triangle at the top center of the grid represents the shift boot hole (Approximately 1.25"). We highly suggests that designs are to be placed right below the triangle area and into the green box if possible.

If you are interested in a custom printed shift boot or handbrake boot, email us at shiftroyal503@gmail.com or DM us on Instagram @shiftroyal and provide us with your pattern or design.

We ONLY offer custom printing and do NOT offer making designs or patterns. You are responsible for providing your own. If you do not have one, we suggest finding a graphic/pattern designer to help you make one.

(We also offer custom printing for Headliners, Door Panel Fabrics, Leather Wallets & Sunglasses.)